Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas is coming....

And the geese and Tom are going to be getting fat. I have lost about 35 lbs since coming to Nica. But I have a feeling being at home for Christmas and then living with the Arnetts and eating Diana's and Jean Carol Ridley's food is going to put it all right back on!

Well it's been a crazy last couple of weeks. I have been putting a lot of stuff on Facebook including pictures. The kids are graduation and moving to the next grade. I have gone to 2 different dance programs in the last week. Took the girls swimming, the boys to the volcano, and have been keeping busy in Los Brasiles. I am excited about the end of this year and how much I've done. But it really feels like it's just starting. It really is. We have to start building on the land I bought. That's going to be crazy. I need to raise funds for next year when I'm home in January.

I will be leading maybe 9 groups this year. I am going to be in charge of Coburns groups from his church, and I hope to have 1 maybe 2 of my own.

That is going to be very busy! But I am excited. I also can't wait for Luis to get back from the US. He has had a blast there. But I miss my little buddy. I can't wait to see how his English has improved!

So FYI..... I am not buying Christmas presents for anyone this year. All the money is going to Children in Nicaragua. For Instance I am going to buy a Christmas tree for the girls house this week. If anyone wants to join me on this endeavor, let me know and I can tell you EXACTLY what your Christmas Money is going for!

Anyway, time for dinner with the boys. Love you all. God Bless!

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